Die Gewerbliche Schule Öhringen ist eine Schule des Hohenlohekreises.
DesignelementEine Schule des Hohenlohekreises


Gewerbliche Schule Öhringen
Sudetenstraße 4
74613 Öhringen

Telefon: 07941 9290-0
Fax: 07941 9290-92
E-Mail: sekr @gs oe .de

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Netzwerk Hohenlohe

berufliche Fort- und Weiterbiildung in Baden-Württemberg ist in regionalen Netzwerken organisiert. Wir sind Mitglied im Netzwerk Hohehnlohe
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JoinMultimedia 2006 - Waterworld


The earth is divided into two different poles, a summer and a winter pole which describe different kinds of topics. In the winter menu you can find the topics “water power” and “risks of water” by using the links on the ice floes. As special gimmick you can find the team members as Eskimos by using the link on the buoy. By moving your cursor on an Eskimo you can get more information about the person representing the specific Eskimo.

Just as the winter menu the summer menu consists of isles and a corresponding landscape. The isles are links to the topics “water cycle” and “water is life”.


This multimedia presentation was created with Macromedia Flash MX using vector graphics only (except the Eskimos' faces on the “about us” page). All vector graphics were made in Macromedia Freehand. All text data was processed with plain text editors. The music tracks used in our presentation were made in Magix MusicMaker using license-free samples. Same goes for all sounds used.

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