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a period of time when there is little or no food famine
assembly > syn. parliament
auftreten, aufführen perform
bad person villain
bringing of water supplies to dry farmland irrigation
cause bad feeling or anger provoke
come together gather
country's national song national anthem
Epos epic
feeling of anger about s.th. bad done to oneself resentment
feeling of being not so good as other people inferiority complex
gesellig sociable
Gesellschaftspyramide social pile
Haferbrei porridge
hard and cruel ruthless
hatred and fear of people from other countries xenophobia
im Wesentlichen essentially
jemandem etwas schulden owe something to someone
leave university graduate
mahlen (3) grind, ground, ground
make s.o. believe convince
only > syn. merely
opfern sacrifice
Ordner file
Praktikum internship
remember >syn. recall
rich >syn. prosperous
s.o. acting against the rules or laws offender
say s.th. is bad condemn
Schicksal fate
sich schämen für be ashamed of
start >syn. launch
steil steep
strange >syn. peculiar
supporter advocate
taking part in involved in
try > syn. attempt
verlockend tempting
violent, out of control rioting
Währung currency
worry >syn. concern
würdig worthy

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