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advertising event > syn. promotion
believing that s.o. or s.th. is good trust
Bündnis alliance
easy to know or to identify recognizable
expl. ingenuity ability to invent things
expl. junk food unhealthy food
Forschung research
freiwillig voluntary
Freiwilliger volunteer
Herausforderung challenge
jemanden erinnern to remind someone
large shopping centre with many shops outside the city centre mall
list of food in a restaurant menu
powder or liquid for washing detergent
sich erinnern to remember
Sonderbeitrag feature article
stöbern browse
syn. ask money for charge for
syn. holiday(s) vacation
syn. look for search
syn. meet people socialize
syn. need require
syn. negative aspect downside
syn. precise accurate
syn. recall remember
syn. say 'no' to refuse
syn. select choose
syn. special offer bargain
Verlobung engagement
verwöhnen indulge
what people say or think about s.o. reputation
Wüste desert

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